LG Unlocked GSM Smartphones

Life is Good at LG, not only because they're one of the world's largest and most recognized electronics equipment and product manufacturers but also because they've built their reputation on high quality, durability, cutting-edge technology and fair pricing.

We carry LG Smartphones, GSM LG Smartphones, unlocked LG Phones and unlocked Quad Band GSM Smartphone models made by LG. By the way, for those who don't know, GSM, originally meant Groupe Spécial Mobile, but has now come to mean "Global System for Mobile communications." It's the world's most widely used system for mobile communicating.

With more than 80 models on offer right here, just about anybody should be able to find an unlocked, GSM LG Smartphone in the style and color they fancy. Take a look at the unlocked LG Optimus One P500 with built-in GPS. This is one really nice setup in one of the top choices for an Android.

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