50-1600 Watt Step Down Travel Voltage Converter Kit With Worldwide Plugs

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5 heavy duty, deluxe plug adapters giving you all the plugs you'll need to use outlets in any country. This plug adapter kit also comes with a 50 watt Voltage converter that can be used with small items such as a cell phone, electric razor, radios, CD players, camcorder chargers, or any other device that requires less then 50 watts.

Additionally, it has a HI watts option which can be used with heating appliances with up to 1600watts

Converts foreign voltage (220-240V AC) to USA voltage (110-120V AC) Allows use of North American items in 220 volt countries.

  • Converts 220/240-volt Electricity to 110/120-volt power for use in locations world-wide
  • Includes 5 adapters for different plug-in types around the world
  • All plug-in types are enclosed in the global power adapter kit for ease of packing in the suit case
  • For use with electrical appliances requiring up to 1600 watts and electronic devices up to 50 watts
  • Converts foreign voltages for safe operation of your personal appliances and electronics while abroad
  • Deluxe Travel Converter with Fuse Protection
  • 2 Selectable Settings (50W or 1600W)
    • 1600W - Designed for heat-related appliances including hair dryers, curlers, irons, heating pads, etc. ( max. 1600 watts ). Do not use other electronics on the 1600W setting.
    • 50W - Designed for small electronics such as battery charger, cell phone charger, shavers, answering machines, portable radio, etc. ( max. 50 watts )
  • Steps Down 220/230/240V to 110/120V
  • Included plug adapters work in countries all around the world (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North & South America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Great Britain, Hong Kong)
  • Note: Travel converters are not designed for continuous use. Unplug it when not in use.

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