3 Steps Guide to Buying a Voltage Converter

3 Steps Guide to Buying a Voltage Converter

1) Will my device need voltage converter or plug adapter?

Some travel gadgets are dual voltage, so you’ll only need a plug adapter, also called a travel adapter.

All the gadgets will have the voltage on them, it should say something like 110V, 110 Volt, 120V, 120 Volt, if its dual voltage it will say something like 110-220V, 110-220 Volt, 120-240 Volt please check them before buying Voltage Converters.

Common dual voltage devices: (Only need to get Plug Adapter)

  • iPhone chargers
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Cameras

2) Which Voltage Converter is right for my device?

You need to know the wattage of your device in order to determine the appropriate voltage converter to purchase.

Now look at the device you going to need the voltage converter for, look for the W or watts to get this information. Always, buy a voltage converter with a wattage rating that is two to three times higher than the device you plan to operate in order to safely convert, we always say to buy higher then your item because voltage converter is heat item you want it to be cool when they are on so more the power converter will stay cool. 

For example, if your device or appliance is 500W, get a converter or transformer that is 1000W.

2) Which Brand Voltage Converter is right?

There are many Brands for Voltage Converters out there but we have tested mostly all the brands and from what we have got is LiteFuze brand is #1 step up/step down converter on the market, we're pleased to offer a full lineup of LiteFuze voltage converter units to our customers at low, discount prices. These heavy-duty converters go both ways, from 110-volt to 220-volt and from 220-volt to 110-volt. They're lightweight, highly efficient, and have built-in noise reduction, universal sockets, automatic voltage selection and circuit-breaker protection. The LiteFuze LT Series of voltage adaptor models is available in a wide range of power ratings starting at 100-watts and increasing in increments all the way up to 20,000-watts..

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