Voltage Regulator Transformers

Here at Popular Electronics we can set you up with a voltage regulator that will do double-duty in allowing you to run 110-volt equipment in areas that only provide 220-volt current or 220-volt appliances where only 110-voltage is available. The voltage regulator/converters we offer make these voltage steps up or down automatically, using smart circuitry, and they have the ability to plug into any outlet configuration as well as accept any type of plug, whether American, European, Asian or African. Whether you need a step up or a step down voltage regulator, a 110v to 220v voltage regulator or vice versa, one unit does it all.

The two outstanding high current voltage regulator brand options available here include Seven Star and LiteFuze voltage regulator models. Seven Star units are rated at 1000- or 3000-watts while LiteFuze offers units as small as 500-watts and as powerful as 8000-watts. Both brands have built-in protection against spikes, surges and unstable voltages.