Kitchen & Home Appliances

Our comprehensive collection of 220 volt appliances includes a wide array of 220v kitchen appliances and other household equipment such as vacuum cleaners (Black & Decker and Panasonic), clothes irons (Black & Decker and Braun), flashlights and emergency lanterns (Sanyo) and hair blow dryers (Conair, Oster and Black & Decker). International appliances that operate on 220-volts allow to you to forgo the use of voltage converters and are ideal for those who often travel to or reside in certain countries.

220v appliances for kitchen use offered in this category include grills, garbage disposal units and microwave ovens. You'll also find a wide selection of 220 volt small appliances such as:

  • Blenders and mixers
  • Food choppers and processors
  • Coffee grinders and electric teakettles
  • Juicers
  • Meat grinders
  • Rice cookers and more

A hand-held vacuum cleaner from Black & Decker is also available in a 12-volt, car plug-in model.