Since 1998, Popular Electronics has been the #1 source for the purchase of discount electronics equipment and appliances through our Chicagoland retail establishment and now at our online electronic store. We stock a vast inventory of electronic equipment designed to be used internationally, operable in most countries worldwide. Offering products at both wholesale and retail, some of our most popular items include:

  • GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) unlocked cell phones
  • Multi-regional DVD and Blu-ray players
  • Voltage converters and transformers for international travel
  • Universal plug adaptors
  • 220-volt kitchen and household appliances

We carry a wide selection of products from the top names in the electronics industry including: Motorola, Nokia, Apple and Samsung (unlocked GSM cell phones); Philips and Sony (region free DVD players); LG (appliances); ASUS and HP (tablets). This is just a small sampling of what you'll find to save you time and save you money here at Popular Electronics. Have questions on purchasing right electronics? Contact us or stop by our Chicago location 7 days a week!