Plugs & Outlets in France

If you are planning travel to France? Check if you need a power plug adapter or voltage converter for the sockets (outlets) used in France.


In France the power sockets are of type E/F. The standard voltage is 230 V 50 Hz like rest of Europe electricity.

Guide to buy a plug adapter

If you are looking to buy just a travel plug adapter, you can click on this link: Type E/f Plug Adapter

Note: They do not convert electricity, so if you devices is not dual voltage you will need a Voltage Converter.

Devices like laptops and electrical gadgets chargers designed for world travel (dual voltage). You can always check on the back of the device for the electrical specifications.

Voltage Converters

In the US, Canada and most South American countries is 100 Volt - 127 Volt, you will need a voltage converter. You can buy from our wide range of power voltage transformers here: Voltage Converters/Transformers

Note: If your device or appliance is 800W, get a Voltage converter or transformer that is 1600W just to be safe.

If can’t find the watts on your device? Look for Volts and amps then do this V x A = W. Example 110V x 5A =550W

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