Foreign Plug Adapters

Whether you need American to European electrical plug adapters, European to American voltage plug adapters or a handy 6-plug collection that can be used most anywhere in the world, we’ve got them here at Popular Electronics. Here you’ll find grounded and non-grounded, 110- and 220-volt, universal and country-specific accessories for handling the differences in electrical plug configurations from one country to another.

If you travel out of your country and bring any type of electronic gear, a travel plug adapter is a must. Laptop computers, for example, will typically operate on voltages from 100 -220, but a 110 volt plug adapter or 220 volt plug adapter will be needed to plug in the charger because plug-prong configurations differ from country to country. Of course, you can buy your plug adapters for Europe at the airport gift shop, but why spend three or four times the money? Get what you need here at wholesale savings!