Voltage Converter/Transformers & Plug Adapter

Recommended worldwide as the #1 step up/step down converter on the market, we're pleased to offer a full lineup of LiteFuze voltage converter units to our customers at low, discount prices. These heavy-duty converters go both ways, from 110-volt to 220-volt and from 220-volt to 110-volt. They're lightweight, highly efficient, and have built-in noise reduction, universal sockets, automatic voltage selection and circuit-breaker protection. The LiteFuze LT Series of voltage adaptor models is available in a wide range of power ratings starting at 100-watts and increasing in increments all the way up to 20,000-watts.

All items in the voltage converter/transformer category are designed for international use and will work in almost any country. This includes numerous travel voltage converter options, electrical adapters for a wide range of different countries' plug configurations and a grounded, US 100-volt 3-prong outlet able to accept any type of foreign plug. ​ 

Top Rated Voltage Transformers Great For Traveling Converter International World Plug Adapters
Smart circuitry - Circuit Breaker Protection Lightweight, Includes 3 plugs, Four USB Ports 8 Set of 2-In-1 International World Plug Adapters


Top Seller Voltage Transformers Economical Voltage Transformers Voltage Regulator W/ Transformer
Lightweight Step Up & Down Voltage Converter 1 Outlet, Built-in fuse protection system Voltage stabilizer, countries with unstable voltage