Milton Travel Mate Stackable 3-Pc Insulated Keep Hot/Cold Thermal Casseroles with Stainless Steel Inner, Easy to Carry and Store Pack, Grey

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Multiple stack able & space saver casserole, it has set of fork & spoon with plate, ideal for everyday use, picnic & parties, vibrant colors with attractive overprint, insulated, keeps food hot for long hours, made of virgin, food grade plastic, hygienic & odorless.

  • Space Saver, Easy to carry - Easy to store 3-PC 1500ml Casserole set is stackable. Set contains 3 Casseroles 1500ml each
  • Keeps food hot or cold for upto 6 hours and preserves nutritional value. Avoid reheating food in the microwave
  • Hygienic and attractive, casseroles made from 100% foodsafe virgin plastic with easy to clean Stainless Steel inner
  • Can also be used as a curd maker, as Ice-packs to store ice-creams, custurds etc. when going for picnics or camping
  • Specially crafted handle allows single hand portability, these Casseroles are sturdy and virtually unbreakable

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