Sonex Metal Finish Round Karahi Set Pots


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Sonex Round Karahi Set Pot – Metal Finish Set contains 5 cooking pots of different sizes.

Having heavy base & scratched polish & food grade aluminum, Sonex Round Karahi Pot is best for domestic and commercial use.
Sonex includes cooking pots, Fry pans, pots, woks, grill pans, pressure cookers for domestic & commercial use.

Easy To Clean, With Heavy Lids, Durable Handles, Pure Quality
Multi-function karahi is made of food grade metal finsih, pot lid is made of also same. High temperature resistant non-heating handle. Dual sided divider design for two different flavors. Perfect for you and your family to enjoy a reunion dinner anytime.


  • Pot No 6:
    Dia: 36 cm
    Depth: 12 cm
    Capacity: 7 Liter


  • Pot No 7:
    Dia: 38 cm
    Depth: 12 cm
    Capacity: 9 Liter


  • Pot No 8:
    Dia: 40 cm
    Depth: 13 cm
    Capacity: 11 Liter


    Material: Aluminum
    Finish: Metal Finished
    Thickness: 3.0mm

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